Structural Concrete Services

In addition to concrete artisan services such as countertops, helical stairs, furniture and landscaping features, we also offer traditional formwork solutions to architects, engineers, construction contractors and project managers. We offer a broad range of structural concrete services. We have worked on large structural projects world-wide and have a broad range of experience dealing with challenging weather conditions, urgent deadlines where every second matters, various materials and regulatory requirements where professionalism, respect of health and safety guidelines and team-work are a must. We have worked on new builds but also on restoration projects with unique and unexpected challenges.

Our experience working on diverse formwork projects such as watertight basements, walls, beams, bridges, foundations, tanks, floor slabs, elevator shafts, public seating and walkways, jointing and sealing, landscaping features, concrete reception desks, polished countertops, polished concrete floors and helical concrete stairs means we can hit the ground running and can be trusted to deliver the highest standard of workmanship.

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